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Life is a Journey and not a Destination !!

Making peace with your present, so it doesn’t spoil your future is what we do in the terms of financial security. Svarasa Financial Life Planners LLP have an expertise in providing long term holistic financial planning, providing investment in Mutual funds and other wealth management assets with a mission to grow and diversify in field of Finance and Investment and vision to provide customer help in creating wealth in a stress free environment.

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Acheive your life goals in a systematic and planned way by avoiding shocks and surprises.

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How much you do need to grow your wealth to ensure a smooth and hassle free post retirement life?

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Loan Advisory

Need a loan at the best possible rates and terms. Talk to our experts and get hassle free and easy loans.

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We analyse your financial situation and plan the best route for you from Tax point of view.

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Compounding interest is the eight wonder of the world. He who understands it - earns it.. He who doesn’t - pays it !!

What Our Customers Say

As we know the bank FD rates are going down. So, we wanted to invest some money in Mutual funds. I discussed on this with Yogita ji. Yogita Ji gave me enough time to understand my requirements. After carefully analysing the requirements she suggested me multiple options & explained me the pros and cons of each of them. After discussion, we finalized a few mutual funds. I invested in the name of myself, my wife and my daughter. The investments are growing steadily and I am sure will give us handsome returns over a period of time. Yogita Ji is also going to support us to make changes in the portfolio as per the requirement. We are very happy with her services & will strongly recommend her services to people known to us.

Sunil Lotankar
Our Home Real Estate Consultants

We at Bridging Gaps specialize in Sales Consultancy for Family Owned Businesses; we not only help the business owners formulate a sales strategy but also hand hold the owner and their sales team in implementing the sales strategy. While we were helping other businesses with growing their finances through sales, we were struggling to manage our personal investments and finances. Which is when we decided to take the help of Svarasa Life Planners. At Svarasa they don't just plan your finances they plan your life with the right investment plan as required in each stage of your life goals. Their team is very helpful and efficient in follow ups. Svarasa is helping with life planning to our entire family and close friends. They have become an integral part of our life. Thank you Yogita and team for making this so easy for us. Svarasa is true to their tagline, you plan your play and they play your plan.

Salil Arekar
Bridging Gaps Marketing Consultancy

Our chapter Creme got first financial planner in Feb 2010 then second in 2011 and third in 2013 and nobody survived for more than a year in our chapter. Finally we got you in 2014 and now you are member for around 3 years. You are the most successful member as a financial planner in our chapter. Your conversion ratio in case of referrals passed by me is above 90%. Today you are handling around 10 clients of mine. On behalf of my all clients I would like to acknowledge you for your quick response time, strong follow ups, right advice, unbiased goal based investment planning. I strongly recommend you to all in my network for your financial planning services.

CA Kamal Sharma
Ambavat Jain & Associates LLP

I gave you my hard earned money and you are investing in different schemes, which are making my money work for me when I am planning my play. You certainly are a Certified Financial Planner. Thank You.

Dr. Neeraj Panchal
Dentist Tree

I am absolutely delighted with the service given by you and your efficient staff. It is really refreshing to work with a financial adviser who is truly interested in their client’s needs, circumstances and preferences. What really impressed me was the way you took the time to get a feeling for where I was at, your depth of knowledge and your common sense approach. I gladly recommend your services whenever possible. Once again thanks for Yogita and her efficient team members.

CS Punit Goyal.
Punit Kumar Goyal Preacticing Company Secretaries

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